Road Map to First Album

Now that I have returned to social media, it occurs to me I may owe an explanation to anyone that has already clicked on a “follow” button.  Things may be slightly slow over the next few months while I take care of a few things, but I will make sure to return every week or two in order to assert my continued existence.

I have set a goal to release the first Systemic Decay album no later than the end of 2018.  As this may seem somewhat distant and vague for you “linear time” types, I will now provide some proof of the careful thought and planning I have put into this release timeframe:


A Deceptively Official Looking Pie Chart:

pie chart


Official Internal Communication on Bright Paper that uses “Phases” to Describe Stuff:

road map 001


All joking aside, I am very serious about releasing music soontm.  You can expect somewhat regular updates around once per week as well as occasional video releases of some of the music I am working on.  It will likely be around 3-4 months before the next video, as I have a lot of pooping to do between now and then.