V Stringman is back with Systemic Decay

After a long hiatus, I am returned.  Over the last few years I have taken some time to perform some long overdue introspection.  I am back and making music again.  It is, after all, what I do.

My old solo project, “Vestigial Remorse” can officially be considered abandoned.  Although I may occasionally resurrect those long dead songs in new and exciting ways in the years to come.

You can expect my new work to come under the band title of, “Systemic Decay”.  This post is still somewhat pre-mature.  I have released exactly one (1) song through YouTube.  It will likely be around the end of 2018 before I put forward a full album.  Despite this, I felt it was the right time to begin regaining some level of internet presence.  When I am ready (late 2018) I am anticipating to hit all major retail digital download sites with a full album worth of material.  There will be free listening through YouTube as well.

Lest you be concerned that I have basically just stated that I am going commercial with my creations, rest assured that the point remains the same as it always has.  I want to reach the widest possible audience.  I want this more than I care about the financial success of this endeavor.  I am going commercial simply because where there is money to be made, other people will desire to get my music heard in order to take their cut of said money.  I have no illusions of making a living from music, although if it helps my expensive music hobby to pay for itself, I guess that’s not a bad bonus.

In the meantime, pour a glass of red wine, get comfortable and watch the below video.

Try not to cry yourself to sleep.


there is beauty in decay,