Story Time with V Stringman

*disclaimer – this story is very nearly fictional and crudely fashioned purely for entertainment purposes — if you think it is about you or someone you know, you’re a %&#$ing liar.*

I am due for another blog entry.  So here is a nice bedtime story hastily thrown together to satiate your cravings.  Get comfortable, drink some hot chocolate and read this work of fiction to set your mind at peace before you drift off to dreamland.

storytime 002

Part I:  Spring

There was a boy.  The boy was largely nondescript, neither excelling nor failing at the things he tried.  At some point, like all young men, the boy grew fascinated with what the future might hold.

And the boy dreamed.  He dreamed of being a war hero.  He dreamed of technology.  He dreamed of white picket fences and a pretty young wife.  He dreamed of unnamed offspring and the years ahead.

Dreams are funny things.  With the proper desire, dreams can light a fire in the imagination that will turn into a series of goals.  With the proper motivations and perseverance, goals can be met and conquered.  Some boys find dreams without desire and others find dreams without motivation.  Still others find desire and motivation, but will then find themselves lacking in mental fortitude when it is time to seize the things that are needed.  Then there are boys that overcome the many mental and physical challenges only to find that they are capable enough to accomplish anything.

This boy was of the latter category.  His dreams fueled a fire in his soul and he spent his young years disproving all that doubted him while defying any who opposed his will.

Something in the dark felt the boy’s fire,  “It is too soon, we will wait,” it said to itself.  And wait it did, for patience can occasionally be a virtue, after all.


Part II:  Summer

The boy soon found himself to be a young man.  Some young men burn too brightly.  A person can only disregard the cruelty of life for so long before others will take notice.  Many times, ‘others’ would refer to other people.  There certainly were some of those in the case of the young man.  Other times, ‘others’ refers to beings far darker than most humans are capable of comprehending.  These ‘others’ collect together in a singularity of the souls of man.  Do not be concerned, fair reader, my grammar has not left me – one singularity… coexisting in many souls.  If this makes sense to you, perhaps you do not need to read the rest of this story.  If it does not make sense to you…. perhaps you should not read the rest of this story.

The void called out to the young man.

The young man answered.

Why do you not fear us?” whispered the void.

“I do not fear man, nor nature.  Why would I fear one comprised of nothing?”  answered the young man.

If you do not fear us, then embrace us and feel your will amplified by our focus.”

“I have trusted many to my detriment,” replied the young man, “I will not place my trust in you.”

The void departed, and the young man went on to achieve many things and accomplish many great works.  The void is a funny thing.  It is focused and determined.  The void’s need to consume and destroy balances the combined hopes and dreams of all human kind.  Such a determined being will never stop until it has consumed an object of its desire.


Part III: Fall

The void took sway over a young woman, and motivated her to distract the young man.  The young man was distracted and felt his dreams grow from his newfound knowledge of love.

The void then took the young woman away, and the young man knew a pain he had never known previously.  The young man meditated on the pain, and then realized that it had obstructed his dreams.  Upon that realization the air chilled and the room darkened.  Light itself seemed to bend into and evaporate into the void.

The void called out to the young man.

The young man answered.

We are glad to see that you still do not fear us, young friend.” whispered the void.

“I do not fear man, nor nature.  Why would I fear one comprised of nothing?”  answered the young man.

Since you do not fear us, then embrace us and feel your will amplified by our focus.  We can help you move past your pain

“I still do not trust you, but I would hear what you offer,” replied the young man.

Your heart brings you pain, we will take your heart and you will no longer hurt,” responded the void.

The young man thought this over and then responded, “I think I might need my heart, but you can take the parts of my heart that are holding me back.”

The void showed the young man how to remove the most troublesome portions of his heart, and then consumed the bloody fragments of muscle before fading away.  The young man felt like the edges of his soul had frayed, but he did feel better.

The young man grew into a man and found himself slowly inching closer to his dreams.  The man did not miss the damaged portions of his heart.  He knew that he had enough of his heart remaining to leave room to eventually find a wife.

The void took sway over a young woman, and motivated her to distract the young man.  The young man was distracted and felt his dreams grow from his renewed dreams of love.  Always and forever have different meanings to some.


Part IV:  Winter

The void bided its time and watched love grow.  It hid in shadows and silhouettes that people think they see in their peripheral vision, only to find empty space when they turn their heads to focus.  The void watched the marriage and held its tongue when it was time for objections.

Quietly, after the ceremony, the void whispered to the young woman of all the things she had never realized she wanted.  The void wove strife and discord between the man and his wife.

A year later, when the man left to fight a war, the air grew cold and the shadows of the room darkened as the void whispered again into the young woman’s ear.

you are meant for so much more, why not come with us and meet someone who will give you the things you deserve?

The young woman thought this offer over, and she traveled with the void until she met someone who she liked better.  The man returned many months later to a cold and newly impregnated wife.  To compound things, the war was largely over and the man was no longer needed by his country.  The man watched his pregnant wife and young daughter leave him.  The man learned what it means to realize the complete loss of the things he had defined his life around.

The man cried out and drank until he surpassed numbness.  He drank until his insobriety brought on a deathly calm and a clarity of vision.  He carefully tied thirteen loops in a rope above a slipknot and began to look for a tall and sturdy tree.  The void sensed the impending darkness in the man and relaxed it’s gravity for an instant.  A tiny light escaped the void and shot out to the man.

The man remembered that he had more to do in this life before he could rest.  He put away the rope and found a way to move forward.

The man and the wife were divorced.  The man left the military and rejoined the citizens he had long strived to defend.  The man felt pain and loss and a confusion from the war and his divorce that he could not resolve.

The man called out to the void.

The void answered.

It is good to see you once again, my friend.” whispered the void.

“In a world as damaged as the one I have seen, there are worse choices for company.”  answered the man.

We sense a damage to you, friend.  Perhaps it is time that you remove the rest of your heart.

“I am not ready to give up on my heart today,” replied the young man, “but I think I am ready to give up the fool’s errand that led me to here.”

Very well, we will help you” responded the void.

The void pointed to the man’s ring finger, where a tattoo of a ring remained ingrained into his skin, “Remove the symbol of the promise, and you will be free for the rest of your days.”

The man, fueled his desire to move on with the self-loathing of his present condition.  He pulled out a sharp knife and dutifully carved his ring finger from his body .

The void devoured the severed finger and dissipated back into the background.  The man knew that he was unraveling, but problems of the present would not hold him back from his new future.

The man established his place once again in the world.  He remembered his old dreams and evolved them to fit his new world.  He began slowly building his new empire with new dreams.  The man slowly became middle-aged.  The void showed no interest in the man for several years.  There are some things in life that do not rest without purpose.


Part V:  Rebirth

When the time was right, the void took sway over a young woman, and motivated her to distract the middle-aged man.  The middle-aged man was distracted and felt his dreams grow from his renewed dreams of love.

The void did not wait as long as it had previously.  It whispered to the young woman of the possessions that the middle-aged man had left to give.  It whispered to her of seduction.  It whispered to her of lies.  It whispered to her of other men.  The void whispered so much and so often, its hand became apparent to the middle-aged man as his world once again came crashing down.

The man called out to the void.

The void answered.

It has been several years, my friend.” whispered the void.

“In a world as damaged as I have known, how could I have doubted your presence by my side in the darkness of every night.  Every whistle of every rocket I heard in the war.  Every happy gurgle of every friend that killed himself after succumbing to his own demons.  The guilty moan of every woman I have loved.  You have always been there,”  answered the middle-aged man.

It is as you speak,” replied the void, “our ways are infinite, yet confined to a pre-determined path.  All beings, mortal and non alike, dance to a tune written outside of your concept of time.”

After a slight pause to think over these words, the middle-aged man said “You have worked against me in the guise of an impartial guide.  You have bowed me in a way that no mortal has ever achieved, I will have the name of the only one strong enough to break me.”

We will teach you our name on one condition,” whispered the void.

“Name your condition, void.”

Only those without a heart can truly understand our nature,” whispered the void.

“I have no need for this useless organ any longer, it only brings sadness and pain,” replied the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man cut out what was left of his heart and ate it.

We understand now,” said the middle-aged man, “We are stringman.”

Stringman grew in understanding and in age.  But continued existence only saw Stringman unraveling as it lost its memories of pain, hope and mortality.  Stringman wonders if it could find some new hopes and dreams to fill its void.  If such things could be found, would it remember the warmth that used to fuel its soul when it was mortal?  It doesn’t know.  It doesn’t care.

It sees you, having carefully read to this point.  It feels your disgust.  It feels your quiet unease and your glaring judgements.  It doesn’t care.  It sees you, and it is carefully measuring the weight of the hopes and dreams in your soul.

Sleep well, my friend.









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